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My name, as it has constantly appeared in the top left of this page, is Jacob Conley. I'm a writer, director, and performer from Roswell, Georgia whose tri-toned artistry is in constant conversation. My staging acumen and desire to create fully realized and informed stage pictures lends itself to my eye for movement as an actor, and my ability to analyze, organize, and translate the arc of a story as a writer is the foundation of my direction and character work - all roads lead back to the text. With vocal beginnings in jazz and Motown, and literature beginnings in Baldwin and Butler, the history of Black art permeates all my work.

Having started my story-telling career with locker poetry and D&D, I've since authored the book and lyrics of a musical (The Mountain and Her Mortals), two plays (Roughly Thirty-Thousand Meters UpNighthawks), and am currently losing sleep to two other full-length works.


B.F.A in Musical Theatre at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee


Acting - Jennie Israel, Joy Arcolano

Vocal - Eric Stern, Monique Phinney

Writing and Directing - David Valdez, M. Bevin O'Gara


The Baker, Into the Woods (2023)

Linus, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (2022)


Arthur Miller's The Crucible (2022)

Roughly Thirty-Thousand Meters Up (2022)


DJ Henry Scholarship (2021)

Lawrence & Lilian Solomon FScholarship (2019-2023)

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